Massage from Chairman

Well come to A.H. Sweaters Limited.

I’m proud for elected me as chairman of the company. Since my childhood I was straggliest in my job and responsibility. All the customers, suppliers and other concern are personally invited for any purpose discussion of business. I feel glad to serve you.

Massage for the suppliers:

All the suppliers informing in here that maximum company are not showed honor to suppliers, because company is the customer of suppliers. But as per my own theme, suppliers is my prime honorable concern. If they supplied to us best quality raw materials, then we can produce best quality products.

Massage for the directors and all staffs:

I’m advising all the directors and staffs of the company to put their own expertise to their own responsible sectors. By our own amalgamation punctuality A.H. Sweaters Limited will arrive on apex of sweater manufacturing sector and it’s our best success.

Massage for the customers:

I’m not inviting to customers for buy our products at first. I’m inviting to the customers for experiment our company, check our products quality, judgment our punctuality, responsibility and commitment. If we’ll pass to your examination then I’m requesting you to place order.

I’m blessing to A.H. Sweaters Limited for its all success.

Md. Abdul Halim