Quality Sweater Manufacturing Bangladesh.

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A.H. SWEATERS LIMITED is a sweaters manufacturing and exporting Industries. This company is build up with best technical expert in manufacturing sector.With long term technical experience and professional design, the company will make unceasing innovation and keep pace with the times, so as to satisfy the customers and meet various needs of Knit Items.

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24 Hr Access

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Real Time Response

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Eco Friendly

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Our Moto

Since the new technology comes on, the philosophy of building A.H. SWEATERS LIMITED is to provide and develop the maximum satisfaction to our operational efficiency, cost effectiveness, latest designs and craftsmanship of our work force, contact, communication and entrepreneurship is concern.

A.H. SWEATERS LIMITED, it is visualized to have strong footprint in the Sweaters Manufacturing sector and also the market globally.

We operate in full compliance with the countries applicable laws, rules, and regulation and requirement. Our motto is to satisfy the Clients through providing best quality product within competitive prices and in time delivery. Also assuring our best services at all times and always welcomes valued Customers.

Message from Chairman

Well come to A.H. Sweaters Limited. I’m proud for elected me as chairman of the company. Since my childhood I was straggliest in my job and responsibility. All the customers, suppliers and other concern are personally invited for any purpose discussion of business. I feel glad to serve you.

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A.H. SWEATERS LIMITED is a sweaters manufacturing and exporting Industries.